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Working with multiple cards has never been easier

Never again loose time or get lost, while editing multiple cards in Trello. Move, relabel, modify Custom Fields and more in seconds, and always know where you are.

Save time

No more updating cards one at a time. Select all the cards that need modifying and perform the chosen action only once.

Features Overview Section

Gain certainty

Handy overview section lets you know how exactly the changes will look like and which cards will be affected.

Features Overview Section

Perform multiple actions with ease

Chaining actions allows you to keep cards selected after each one, so you don’t have to re-select them every time.

Feature: Custom Views

Quickly find and select the cards you need

Custom views allow you to find the cards that need changing in seconds, and save the most useful filter parameters for quick access.

Popular Actions

Custom Fields

List, date, number, and other kinds of fields can be freely added, removed and modified.

Move cards

Move any set of cards to a specified list on the current or different board

Update Labels

Quickly assign or remove a number of labels to multiple cards in one go.

Due dates

Assign a fixed date to multiple cards or shift date by a specific number of days/weeks etc.

Delete cards

Avoid archiving and only then deleting tens of cards. Do it all in one step.

Copy cards

Copy multiple cards to a specified list on this or a different board.

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Save time and maintain overview when working with multiple cards.

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